better way of crowdfunding for education

42% of college students don’t graduate in 6 years, and 2/3 of these students drop out for financial reasons. That’s almost 1/3 of students entering college who will not graduate solely because of funding.  At CauseEDU, we help students raise the money they need for school – whether it’s a technical or trade school, college or university, certificate programs, study abroad, or any other educational program, we’re here to help you find the money you need to reach the finish line.  

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How It Works

Three Simple Steps To Creating A Crowdfunding Campaign:


Create An Account

The first step is to create an account. If you’re raising money for a school you currently attend, use your school email address for fastest approval.


Start A Campaign

Once you’ve created an account, create your crowdfunding campaign. Read “Start a Campaign” for tips on how to set it up.


Publicize It!

Post the link to your campaign on social media platforms and send to friends and family. Also, check out our blog posts, webinars and newsletters.

The CauseEDU Advantage

What sets us apart from other crowdfunding platforms?


With both one-time and recurring donations, a direct pay (to school) option, and required enrollment verification, our site makes it easier for donors to give.


Students receive tips and tools to grow and maintain the donor relationship. 


Our blog posts, workshops, and one-on-one consultations help families understand the true cost of college and how to pay for it.

“Money Talks”

Our “Money Talks” section contains articles covering important topics such as how to create a budget for college, how to improve your fundraising campaign, where to find students discounts, and more.

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