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College is EXPENSIVE

And with 29% of college students dropping out of school solely because of money, there’s something flawed about the process of preparing financially for higher education.

Whether it’s not understanding the true cost of attendance or having a life change that causes financial distress, students and their families end up paying more and having less than they anticipate when starting the process.

At CauseEDU, we help students and their families better navigate the higher education funding process. Whether it’s building a solid financial plan and understanding all of your options to complete your education or crowdfunding to raise emergency funding for school, we’re here to help you reach the finish line.

What We Offer

CauseEDU offers the following services to help students and their families
better prepare financially to fund their college education:


An education crowdfunding platform for students and their families needing immediate financial assistance. With features such as mandatory enrollment verification and multiple giving options, our platform has been proven to help students raise more money. 

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College Financial Planning For Families

With college financial planning programs, one-on-one consultations, workshops and webinars, CauseEDU offers solutions that help families see beyond student loans and scholarships to find the plan that works best for you. Our offerings are for families, schools, organizations, and companies.

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“Money Talks” Blog

Our free “Money Talks” blog posts cover important topics such as how to create a budget for college, how to improve your college crowdfunding campaign, where to find student discounts, when (and how) to start the college financial planning process, and more.

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