Start A Campaign

Follow these three steps to set up your crowdfunding campaign.
If you have any questions, reach out to us and a representative can help you.


Create an account 

When creating your profile, use your .edu email address for fastest approval. Otherwise, you’ll need to send an enrollment verification certificate from the National Student Clearinghouse to be approved.

Get Started


Set up for payments

Click on the “Creator Account” tab to connect (or set up) your Stripe account so that you can receive payments. Once the Stripe account is connected, you will be returned to our site.


Start a campaign

Click on “Create Project.” Make sure to fill out all of the fields. “Number of Levels” gives you flexibility! We recommend two – one for “One-Time Donation” and one for “Monthly Donation.” Make sure to use this wording in the “Level Title.”

Under Level Fund Type, choose “Immediately Deliver Funds” for the one-time donation level and “Subscription – Monthly” for the monthly donation level. The level price and limit should be blank for one-time donations. For monthly, you’ll need to add an amount. Once you’re done, click “Submit for Review.”

Start a Campaign

A few things to remember

Update your donors regularly. You don’t want to end a campaign and then wait an entire semester (or year) before you communicate with them again (translation: don’t wait until you need more money to reconnect). If you have a summer internship coming up, let your donors know. If you made honors this semester, that’s something to share with them too. Keep the relationship going with the people who have invested (literally) in your education.